Feisty Heroines Collection

This is the newest project I’m excited to be involved in, and we have a stellar group of authors. These stories are going to be amazing and you won’t want to miss this deal!
If you could do me a HUGE favor and preorder for just 99 cents, I will love you forever.
We’re going for the USA Today badge, so we need our friends support!
Get your 99 Cents Preorder of Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts and then Claim a Bonus Bundle!
The preorder link is on the page with the bonus book bundle info below.
Until the collection goes live, we’re offering a bundle of books as a gift for your support, click the below link, add your name, email and confirmation number to Claim Your Book Bundle and start reading books from our Feisty Authors!
Feisty Heroines Collection of Shorts feature over 35, pulse-racing shorts to capture your heart with USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Award-winning authors in the mix for just 99 Cents!
Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Historical Romance that will whet your appetite with titillating, heart-pounding tales you’ll want to read again then beg for more. Fall in love with your next book crush!
Authors include:
D.F. Jones, Dawn Jones,Tia Didmon, Margo Bond Collins, Dariel Raye, Miranda Lynn, Ruth A. Casie, Savannah Kade, Stephany Tullis, Suzanne Cass, P. T. Macias, Teri Riggs, Donya Lynne, Ashlee Price, Brenda Trim, Tami Julka, Claire Angel, Lauren Wood, Angela Sanders, Sheri-Lynn Marean, Maggie Adams, I. D. Johnson, Felicity Brandon, Kayla Wolf, Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell, Ellen Mint, Lane McFarland, Tess St. John, C. G. Blaine, D. B. Sieders, Rachel Tsoumbakos, Maria Vickers, Theresa Hissong, Allie Marie, Amy Hale, Renee Regent, Barabara Bettis, Karen Muir, Ana Morgan
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Thank you! Much love, hugs, and kisses! (In a totally non-creepy way.)

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