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My recap of Big River Comic Con 2019

I”m going to start by talking about the convention itself, then I’ll jump into some fun experiences I had while there.

I’ve had the honor of sitting behind the table at many comic conventions. They all hold special memories. Some more than others, but I have to say that Big River Comic Con has raised the bar. The professionalism, kindness, and dedication by coordinators Darin and Debbie Logue, as well as the many fantastic volunteers, was evident in everything they did during this event. I spoke to many of the other guests and vendors and we all ended the day feeling accomplished and fulfilled. These events aren’t just about selling your books, autographed photos, drawings, etc. It’s about connecting with the community and the opportunity put a face and personality with the work you so passionately love to create. It’s about the joy you find in meeting others with similar interests. It’s seeing a child smile when his/her favorite character or superhero is standing before them and acknowledging his/her importance and presence at that moment. And on a personal level for me, it’s talking to readers about my characters and hearing how they loved a story or how a struggle or victory in my books may have encouraged them or helped them through a tough time.

I meet the most wonderful people at these events- no matter if they are other guests, vendors, the coordinators, or fans. I always walk away with new friendships and a fresh appreciation for what I do and for the people who love this community.

This event was absolutely one of the best we’ve attended. Hands down. Well organized, clear communication, effective advertising, and great planning. They even had a backup location in case the floodwaters were still an issue come the time of the event. Which was fantastic because the venue did indeed have to change. But not a big deal. They had it covered,  announced the change two weeks in advance giving us all time to spread the word, and we still had an amazing turnout.

For a first time event, that was only 9 am to 5 pm we had an impressive 4,278 attendees! And we raised around $1700 for their local charity organization Kids In Motion! You guys… letting our geek flags fly proudly AND helping kids? It doesn’t get any better than that.

I want to personally thank everyone involved in Big River Comic Con for their gracious attention, help, and kindness to John and me while we were there. I can’t recall a time when we’ve been treated so well. All our needs were taken care of and we were checked on regularly to be sure we weren’t lacking anything. You all did a phenomenal job on this event as a whole and should be proud. We hope to be invited back. We’d be honored to join you again.

So, I realized once I’d gotten home that I’d once again forgotten to get pics of the amazing cosplays. I often hope to take some pictures with the cosplayers but I tend to get distracted. Anyway, I have a few pics with friends to share below, as well as some pics of the town the morning we left… which had snow.


HBO took this Game of Thrones promotional stuff way too dang far.

But, we loved Hannibal. It’s a great little town and as we drove around I found book ideas forming in my head. I may just have to go back for some research. (Darn my luck. *written in sarcasm font*)


Set up and ready to go! You can see a photobomb from Green Lantern of Hero’s for Kids (our neighbors to the left). Hi Dennis! Great organization!


This was our row in the back of the building. Next to us was Comic Artist Legend Bob Hall, then you see Wrestler Dan Severn. On the other side of Dan was our friend, actor and former wrestler Bishop Stevens. And at the other end another talented friend, artist Lorenzo Lizana.

As I mentioned before, Bishop has been a friend of ours for years. We’ve attended several events together and it seems like every picture we take was the same old side-by-side thing. Last year we started switching it up. So this is just us goofing off.

I had to snag this photo from author and friend Jackie Nelson. (Thanks Jackie!) If you haven’t checked out her work, go do it.

It was great to see Lorenzo Lizana! His table was busy all day so I had to wait until tear down to get a photo with him!

The man, the legend, Bob Hall. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And super funny. We had some great conversations with him and a few others over dinner later in the evening.

Actor and Artist Matthew Atchley. His booth won Mayor’s Choice Best Of Show (his work is gorgeous, so I understand why!) We took this at dinner at Logue’s Restaurant after the event. Great food if you want that homecooked comfort food kinda meal. We loved it!

The one Matthew took with his phone because I have short arms. lol

Having dinner at Logue’s Restaurant after the event. Matthew Atchely had to leave before the photo was taken. They put this photo on their facebook page, which was cool. Left to right: John, Me, Kenny Sills (Author), Lonnie Johnson (Hero’s for Kids), Jessica Johnson (Hero’s for Kids) Dennis Manning (Hero’s for Kids), Alyson Kendall (Gateway Guardians), and Comic Artist Bob Hall.

After dinner, we had the opportunity to hang out with other guests and some of the hard working organizers and volunteers of the event. We met them at the Mark Twain Brewing Company for more food (I was too stuffed, but John had some wings) and drinks. This is the goregous BMW that has been advertising the event for months.

Lots of great conversations, a celebratory toast (I don’t know what was in that shot, but it was good!), and a few rounds of pool were the highlights of the night. This is John and me with BRCC co-founder and friend Darin Logue. He finally got a moment to slow down so we could grab a quick photo. He and his wife Debbie put their heart and souls into this event and I know that each year will only get better.

Images I took downtown on Sunday before we headed home. Such a fun town with lots of history. We will most certainly be back. 🙂

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  • Molly Daniels

    Oh how I miss Hannibal! Went there in the summer of 1983, and stayed one night at the Tom and Huck motel, saw the Becky Thatcher house, and took the cave tour:) Would love to go back!

    Looks like you had an awesome time, and hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year:)

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